Come and See

I say to you,
“Come and see.”
This God, this Jesus, this
Son of man.
Holy Messiah,
the One Slaughtered Lamb.

I tell you,
“Come and see.”
See what this Jesus did for me.
He cleansed me and bathed me
brought my eyes to see–
this blackness, this black flesh
all my sin and hypocrisy.

He said,
Can’t you see me?
You’re fallen,
You’re borken,
You’re all on your own.
You’re filthy, you’re dirty
You’re so all alone.
And I’m here
just waiting
for you to come home.

I’m standing here with arms open wide
Nail pierces, hard pressed
sword in my side–

all for you.

But you push and you push
You walk further away
But I’ll never leave you
I’ll never go astray.

There’s just so much work to do
So many great plans for you
I’m not even close to being done
In fact, I’ve only just begun.

I want to work in your heart and in your head
Breath my life into your bones
Bring you back from the dead.

I implore of you.

Come and See.
Taste and be free
Your Savior, Your God
for eternity.


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